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FAIRHAP (Fair Play and Happiness through Sports) is a two-year Erasmus+ project that seeks to provide the necessary awareness to sports teachers and children about basic human values through sports training. Sports contribute to the improvement of health, to psychological balance, cultivation of ethics and social values. The objective is to instill and teach children, at an age that is most vital to the development of character and personality, all the universal values that are concentrated in the Olympic ideals, through participation in sports activities, using a specially formulated educational material. This will be achieved by a strong partnership between five partners from 5 different countries (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Italy) that complement each other with their background, experience and expertise.

A research report, which will contain a review of the current status of awareness and sports policies about the FAIRHAP principles, and will eventually form the basis for the development of the educational material and the teaching plans for the sports teachers, will be developed. A group of executive coaches from all partner countries will study and review the material and will mentor sports teachers in their own countries about the principles of FAIRHAP and the methodology of the material they must use for the training of the children. Children will be trained in contact sports (football, basketball, handball, etc), using the specially formulated training material; they will also be evaluated before and after the training sessions and the results will be presented in a project report. Open tournaments shall be held at the end of the project, in order to observe the athletic behaviour of children about the subjects of the project and to present the outcomes of the project to the public and the relevant stakeholders.